Apr 07

Pet Food Recalls – What Does it Mean?

Pet Food Recalls – What Does it Mean?

You asked about a recent pet food recall due to Pentobarbital contamination…..

Our primary care doctor, Kimberly Schultz, answered:

Recently, a canned dog food was recalled due to contamination with Pentobarbital. This means that some lots of this dog food were found to be contaminated with a drug used to euthanize animals.  Pet foods can be recalled when they are determined to contain dangerous bacteria or traces of drugs or chemicals. Recalls may also be ordered by the FDA or by a pet food company’s own initiative.

Pet food recalls are listed on the FDA website:



Dr. Schultz graduated from Cornell University in 1997 and joined Friendship in 2004. Dr. Schultz enjoys helping people and their pets in a direct way. Her professional interests include emergency medicine and general practice.



*Featured image courtesy of Pet Food Industry.

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