May 31

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Many wonder, including myself, as to why my dog goes outside and starts eating grass. Tons of theories have been suggested, but no link to a primary cause has been found.

Most nutrition and behavior specialists speculate that the behavior is usually one of boredom and/or enjoyment if done on a routine basis, while our “non-routine herbivores” may be showing signs of an upset stomach or other medical issues. Overall, the most important item is to understand your pup’s behavior, know when its straying from routine and when a quick vet visit may be needed.




nicole-diazDr. Diaz graduated from the University of Florida and joined Friendship in 2015. Dr. Diaz completed her internship at Friendship in 2016 and has been a staff doctor ever since. Her professional interests include shelter medicine and international outreach.


* Featured image courtesy of American Kennel Club.

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